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Where to find plastic ornament hooks???


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I'm hoping someone here can help me find some plastic ornament hooks. I bought some a couple years ago and now cannot find them anywhere! I would've bought them at Target or Lowe's - but I've checked both places and neither one carries them. I also checked Walmart. All I can find are metal ornament hooks in silver or gold...


The plastic ones I have are a darker green and have a carabiner type clip. Please if anyone knows where to find these either B&M (in-store) or online please let me know. I did a couple google and amazon searches, but no luck :(

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I bought the green plastic coated ones at my Walmart last year. I prefer them as they blend into the tree. I got them after christmas on their clearance sales. Do you have another Walmart to check?


Marcs also sells them if you have one around you. I see you are in Ohio also

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