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Grand Sausage Gift Box - $9.99 ($21) & more plus Coupons @ HickoryFarms.com


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Free shipping on orders $50+ ~ I don't believe any codes can be combined.

Code: 888297


20% Off

Code: 7X2019 Exp 12/31/07


$10 Off $50+

Code: 892146


Link to all Sale items: HERE


Grand Sausage Gift Box


Now $9.99 Was $22.99





Double Feature Gift Box


NOW $13.99 Was $20.99






Hearty Snacker Gift Box


Now $10.99 Was $21.99






Sausage Delights Gift Box


Now $14.99 Was $31.99



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Tried to order the Sausage Delights Gift Box on sale for 14.99. Put in the 20% off code and it put it back to regular price of 31.99, but they were gracious enough to give me 20% off of 31.99. Crazy.... I just wanted to get this and send it to my husband in Iraq. I've bought them at the store and mailed them over there... thought this would be easier by taking the step where I mail it out. Oh well.... Thanks anyway.
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