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PSP Daxter in stock @ Amazon $199.99 shipped


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Daxter alone only costs $19.99 so I bought my son the bundle with Star Wars Renegade which costs $40 alone then I can just buy Daxter. I just don't get why they take a $169 system then up the price by $30 and only add a $20 game???

This includes the Family Guy dvd as well! So it's not just the Daxter game, but a DVD too. Hence the price difference you are running into.

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We got my son the Star War PSP, he went bananas over it...now to find PSP games etc. Another system to look for. He loves Star wars so this was a great gift for him

I think mine got superglued to DS12's hands,lol.





I'm glad I didn't get the Daxter pack then because we don't watch Family Guy,lol.

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