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Anyone else getting in on the Dell outlet?


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The inventory refreshes around 48 minutes past the hour (e.g. 3:48PM, 4:48PM, 5:48PM, etc.)


I'm looking for an insanely Hot Deal on a Dimension 4700 for around $350 - $450 loaded.

I got a few, deal is dead now though.

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Yeah, but you put a nice PCI-e card in that 4700, and you have a really nice gaming rig.

that was part of the problem... pci-e would have been another expense... $80 or so... but i didn't need it as gaming.. well, at least match a geforce 2 gts :)


argh.. nothing that good comin up

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That was basically my reason for buying. XP = ~$95 in itself. I know I can't build a system for $200 shipped and have it be anything but a minesweeper box.


Just keep watching, though. This one was added at 3:32 CST, so 48 after isn't alway when it happens.

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