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Teenager snooping/opening gifts early!


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The numbering system sounds like a great idea. I may try this next year.



When I was 12-13, I did the same thing. I peeked at everything that year and Christmas sucked. That was the first and last time I did that.


My future SIL checks out all of the presents under the tree when he comes over. He'll tell my dd, "hey, there's another gift under the tree for u." LOL. He's 19 and he's like a little kid. It's fun watching him.


I think he's excited about the gifts at our house because he doesn't know what they are. He knows everything his mother has bought him. He found a box in the trunk of her car but didn't look in it. She told him to try them on and pulled out his only surprise from her... a pair of boots.


I love watching the kids' faces on Christmas morning. It makes the hassle of Christmas shopping worth the trouble. LOL

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