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Jewelry Box Orig. $85, now $34


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I just have to post this!

I went over the weekend, shopping for a nice jewelry box for my mom. Knew what I wanted (one with swing open sides for her necklaces), then saw the price tag of $85 and it wasn't on sale.

Started cruising around their website and saw that it's on sale this week, along with their other boxes. I must say, this is a gorgeous box!! I opened hers to make sure it wasn't scratched or anything, and I loved it so much, I went back to buy one for myself (had a giftcard from MIL)!




Here's a link to ALL of their boxes: (all on sale)




Plus, if you use your $10 coupon from the mail, it makes it $24 for and $85 jewelry box. :eyepoppin:D



(oops! sorry, i just realized i posted this in the bf/cm forum.....sorry it's in the wrong spot! first time starting a new thread!)

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