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Leaf Blower??


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try sears they have a ton of deals on lawn and garden stuff this week and if you buy online you get extra discount I got some cordless rechargeable grass and hedge trimmers regular price $49.99 for $34.99 then another $5 off with online discount so $29.99 altogether they had leafblowers too but I don't remember how much..
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Depends on what chores you have (he has).


My priorities are force and time saved. Keep in mind gas operated is actually a gas/oil mix for 2 cycle engines (all of them are till you get to the monster sizes). So you may want to pick him up a small 1 gallon plastic gas can (with gas) and some extra fuel/oil mix. Just don't leave them under the tree!!!


Hand held Models. Gas or Electric. Work well for tight corners around buildings, but very little "force" rated in feet per minute or miles per hour. Sears, Ace, HD, Lowes, WM. expect <$100


Backpack models. Gain tremendous force, these are the landscapers dream. No electric, Still two cycle engine so remember the gas/oil suggestion. Majority prefer this, does allot of leaves/debris in little time. Sears, HD, Lowes. Reccomenda Stihl (mod BP400 or BP420) or Husquavarna. Expect <$300.


Wheeled models. Either 3 or 4 wheeled, same force, but can do larger areas. (keep in mind the leaves are evenly covering a yard, but once 'push 5-8 feet into a pile, can become very deep and take more time to move around. Giant Vac (I have), Billy Goat, Little Wonder. Lowes/HD have a small version (6hp) <400. Ace and Small engine hardware stores have the larger ones 10hp <600 but you reaalllly have to search around. Pull start is the majority, these can be heavy and slightly less manageable (80-125 lbs), but keep in mind his strength and age- imagine pull starting a 10hp = pull starting a riding lawn mower engine = can be pretty hard. Recc Giant Vac 10hp or a Billy Goat if you go this large.

Takes straight gas vs gas oil mix of the backpack blowers.


Pull/Tow Behind a lawn tractor Vac. Sucks & Shreds, has an engine usually smaller than the push/wheeled type, and shreds the material. Lowes. Sears. <800. Takes straight gas. Recc Agri-Fab (NOT the aftermarket hecho in China that are flooding the market).


Ok that said, I have beautiful trees I enjoy three seasons out of the year. Have two small electric Sears $29 and a jumbo Wheeled Blower (Giant Vac) which requires allot of strength to start. Am looking next at a tow behind vac. Soooooo many leaves, that up till 5 years ago I'd strap TWO stihl backpack blowers, one on each shoulder and blow leaves, but the wheeled Giant Vac does the job smoother.

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