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LEGO Furniture Sale: 80% off remaining items @ Lego.com


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LEGO Furniture Sale: 80% off remaining items

LEGO Store slashed prices on select LEGO furniture since a month ago. Those prices had already been 50% off before these latest cuts. Shipping starts at $6.95. The items, after discount:



LEGO Building Stool for $9.98, a $20 drop;



LEGO Rolling Storage Box in Red/Yellow or Blue/Green for $19.98, a $40 drop;




LEGO Stacking Bin in Green for $29.98, a $45 drop;




LEGO Toy Chest (pictured) for $29.98, a $45 drop



I dont know if there are any shipping codes out there or not.

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Woo! I just ordered my DS the blue toy chest and the blue/green rolling container. It won't let me use the $5 off $35 code (it puts the stuff back at regular prices), but for $56 shipped for these two items is amazing! Plus I've always had great turnaround with shipping from these guys... regular shipping gets here to Alaska in 2 days!!
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