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Walmart.com Has A Big Selection Of Clearance Games/Accessories For Gameboy Advance


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I just got my son the Gameboy Advance for Christmas (DS was a little steep for an 8 year old IMO! LOL). And I ran across these while I was looking for games for it.


Accessory deals start at $2.00 and game deals start at $7.82. A lot of these have just been rolled back and some were $19.99. A few of the titles offer Free Site To Store Shipping!




















If the link does not work, just copy and paste. ;)


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I just snagged 2 GBA games for $20 for my girls since they are getting the N-DS from Santa!!! Thanks for the link! Atleast this way they will have a few games to choose from! I guess we'll see the GBA games slowly coming down in price! :yup:
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Prices on GameBoy Advance games are only going down on older titles, like Cars. Jorjenb is right in that they have stopped most of the production of the GameBoy Advance system, but they are still coming out with new games for the GameBoy Advance. New titles, such as Cars 2 - Mater -National Championship, are still $29.82 just like Nintendo DS games.
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