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Mammoth Crocs!

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Also ...... taylorshoes.com After checking the Crocs website, it doesn't appear that they even make the Mammoths in m3/w5......and I've bought quite a few pair and we all agree that you need to go up one size because of the liner....If not sure about Crocs sizing, they have a printable sizing chart at their website crocs.com
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Cool Yes my girls love Jibbits!! the ones I bought on zappos yesterday will be at my door TODAY!! WOO HOO my daughter is soo excited!! my 8 yr old loves crocs and I hate seeing her wear them when it is sooo cold out she gets aggravated so I told her I bought her a pair she can wear everyday if she wants! I cant wait to get them!! MY 3 YR OLD daughter loves them too! not sure when hers will arrive.. hopefully in the next couple days!
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