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looking for matching Christmas pj's for the family...

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Disney on line has matching holiday PJs for the family. I bought them last year. I would like to do the same this year but, the style is almost exact. www.disneyshopping.com


So if any body know of another place or web site please share. I am also interested in finding new jammies for the family :)

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These are pricey but so CUTE! http://www.snugasabug.com/flan.holiday.htm

Not sure the ages of your kids but Children's Place online has some cute holiday PJ's for kids (on sale too). You could then just get solid Red for you and your spouse. Here's a link if you scroll all the way down they do have adult pj's that are red and white striped. http://www.childrensplace.com/webapp/wcs/stores/servlet/CategoryDisplay?exp=n&storeId=10001&langId=-1&catalogId=10001&categoryId=26884&catTree=26601,26693,26884&clearance=0

20% off Children's Place:


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I also buy my family matching jammies. They look great for the Christmas morning pictures.

I have bought at Childrens Place for the kids (never saw adult pj's there before), but I am ordering them this year.

Also, Jc Penneys or Jc Penney Outlets has matching kid jammies (at least for girls).

THey are the same ones I bought my girls last year.

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The Children's place ones I have seen in person and they are pretty decent ESPECIALLY FOR THE PRICE!!



My Mom buys all the grandchildren the PJ's. This year I gave her the 20% coupon for children's place and they came to $13 each. Last year she got them there too and they are still in great shape.

I do have to laugh at my 11yr old son who is the oldest grandchild. Every year it's getting harder to be a good sport wearing the PJ's. He says he feels like the kid in The Christmas Story. :blush:

And yes this year they are carring adult sizes.

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