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AA Rechargeable Batteries?

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Regardless of who you end up going with, the capacity or length of use-time is rated in _____NIMH. For example, 4 rechargeable 900 nimh may cost $8, while 2200 nimh is $10. Price disparity is because of the manufacturer, think of how long you'd want your solar lights to stay lit at night in your driveway, 900nimh 3hrs, 22-2600 nimh, probably all night.
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I checked the walgreens ad and they have rechargeble batteries on sale this week. They also have a mail in rebate on some. Which type do you need??

I am looking for rechargeable batteries too for my camera.

I need 2200nimh of a good brand like Sony, Duracell etc. I actually need a quick charger too.

What brands do they have on sale?

Unfortunately i dont get the flyer for Walgreens.

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I use Sony Cyber-shot rechargeable batteries for my camera. I got one pair with my camera and when they wore out 2 years later I went cheap and bought Duracells. They didn't last through more than 4 or 5 shots. I finally broke down and ordered 6 Sonys from their website, got free shipping on the deal and have never regretted spending the extra $$ on them. A charge lasts forever on these little babies. I believe stores like Circuit City and Best Buy might carry them too.



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