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25% off christmas at Lowes


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we just got a Lowe's about a week ago, the only Christmas things that they have are trees, lights and the christmas bins.... I can't believe that they don't have decorations. The mamager told me since they opened the last of week of November didn't think it was worth it
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Last year they went 50% on Dec 17. I know this because I got a Lowe's gift card from my staff at our Christmas dinner on the 15th and that Sunday evening I stopped in Lowe's for something we needed for our home and bought the snowglobe that is in my yard at 50% off the lowest price. But they didn't do the 25% until about a week prior so I would look for it to maybe change as early as Sunday unless they leave the 25% for 2 weeks this year. Not all but a lot of markdowns at our Lowes does occur on Sundays.


Year before last was the first year we had a Lowes and they went 50% the week before Christmas and on Christmas eve they went 75%. I found out the morning after Christmas when they were already picked over but still got a lot of goodies that year as well. I am also watching Lowes and will let you all know if I see it go lower as they have a few more things I would just love to have.... :-)

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