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Famous S/S or BMX clothes!

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My little brother has gotten in a lot of trouble this year, but he finally seems to be back on track. I asked him what he really wanted for Christmas and he said he wanted some new clothes. He really like the Famous Stars and Stripes (or whatever that is) and anything BMX. He used to have tons of name brand clothes, but when he started getting into trouble they were one of the first things to go. As a result, he doesn't really have much. I want to buy him some of this stuff, but he said they only sell it at PacSun, but $20 a pop I won't be able to buy him much of anything! Does anyone know any where else that sells those brands of t-shirts or hoodies? TIA
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Famous Stars and Straps- FSAS I am thinking ebay also the one cool thing about Pacsun is they do Pac bucks which are really great and they run alot of sales where you get extra ones. The outlet we go to in Pigeon Forge even take the pac bucks even if they are expired. I will do some looking for you. My kids are into all this mess.
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