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L-max Leapers At Circuit City 49.99


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tytyty i was trying to find the reg leapster cheep.. but this is worth it .. for 5.00 more then the asking price online at some places.. woooooohooo only now i cant get the printer to set up on the new puter. uhhgggg i have no time for this lol
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just picked mine up... but i ordered last night on line.. but my printer wont work on the new puter .. so i went ot work printed it out .. and went to get it.. ok so i stand in line .. then she does something on the puter with my card and then goes in the back .. about 2 min goes by and she finally comes out .. does more stuff on the puter .. so im still standing there. she hads me the bad and says here ya go.. well not one thank you not one smile .. i look at the bag,,, umm i say to the girl ummm thank you .. now u want to get me what i ordered. as this is a camera and not leapster.. lol i laughed she looked at the paper work looked at the puter and looked at the paper work then she says brb .. goes in the back comes back out about 4 mins later well she has it in hand does some thing on puter again .. then puts it in the bag and hands it to me and says here. ok... first off lucky i was in a good mood ... my question is this... dont i get a free gc for the troulbe of not having it ready for pick up.. i did not dare say a word to her and she was just to ummmm not caring. i left came home and thought about it..
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