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American Express Wishlist - Panasonic 42" HD Plasma TV $700 -3x Today only


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American Express Wishlist has a Panasonic 42" 1080p for $700 today (s/h white glove is $100 and ships ~ 4 weeks)

go here to access wishlist: http://www.amexnetwork.com

you must unlock wishlist with your card first.

Its available 3 times today, starting at 12p ET.




I'm thinking about getting this, but I am not sure if a LCD would be better (its for my living room, and I am concerned about the lighting. So if anybody has some insights. I'ld appreciate it):)


Panasonic 42" 1080p HD Plasma TV



Retail Price: $ 1,999


Panasonic 42" 1080p HD Plasma TV:

• 1920 x 1080 pixel count provides twice the number of pixels as 720p

HDTV displays.

• One-Touch Playback: EZ Sync HDAVI Control lets you operate all of

your home theater components by pressing a single button on your

TV's remote control.

• Share your JPEG photos using the built-in SD card slot.

• Built-in NTSC/ATSC/QAM Tuners for Analog and Digital Broadcasts.

• 2 HDMI Inputs.

• 5000:1 contrast ratio.

• Remote and table top pedestal stand included.

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Guest countymike
i called to see if i could get amer exp. card & try to get one they said no......have to be a member in good standing..............they allow 40 tvs,per session.........on luck of the draw..........just if you didnt know how it worked
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I think I prefer LCD, but the price is good IMHO.

I just went on and it told me that all available are in other user carts. (users have approx 6 min. to complete transaction, before items is pulled from cart)

If you keep hitting the Try Again button. Its now 7:14 you might get lucky;)


Well, done and over for the TV.

Check out their side deals at the bottom of the page. There will be a 26" LG available next week for $500.

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Guest Macrossmaster
If its the new 1080p 77U, it's fantastic. Got one for a couple hundred over that, and watching it now. Utterly spectacular!
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