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2GB Refurbished iPod nano only $79 plus Free Shipping


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2GB Refurbished iPod nano only $79 plus Free Shipping

Limited Time Special Price

Holds up to 500 songs

Up to 24 hours of music playback

1.41 ounces

3.5 x 1.6 x 0.26 inches

Apple Earphones

USB cable

Dock adapter




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This is the previous generation ipod. I keep waiting for the latest version to hit the refurbished store. I have been told if you check very early in the morning you will sometimes find the latest ipod model and iphones for sale.

IS this the newer one.... I dont really care as long as it comes with the One-year limited warranty Im happy... :D



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will this work with windows vista? thanks


PC System Requirements

- USB 2.0 port

- Windows XP Home or Professional Service Pack 2 or later, or Windows 2000 Service Pack 4

- iTunes 7 or later

- Internet connection (Broadband recommended. Fees may apply.)

I'm not sure about that... just call apple and ask them. sorry

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the size in GB is usually in some part of the name. the shapes and colors change. and as the generations go on more functionality is added.


right. but what's the current generation that they're selling? my bro said he wanted a new 4gb ipod for christmas.


i got him one from amazon.com on monday, it was $179.99, definately not as good as a price as listed here. but i'm wondering if it was the generation that he wanted. :confused:

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Looks to me that this is a new one that is out... however there is a touch screen one too...


I say who cares they should be happy they are getting one....plus soon as they get this one there is going to be another new one out..:mad:




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The current generation is squarer and has a larger screen. The 4GB runs $150 and the 8GB runs around $200. The biggests sales I have found were only a few $ off. The previous nanos were more rectangular and not as wide. No one will complain with either version, if they do take it back and use it yourself. ;) I have only heard good things about apple's refurbished stuff.
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