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Chadwicks.com Extra 50% off any one item + other great codes


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Take 50% OFF any item

Simply Use Promotion Code: CHGIVE

Plus Get $4.99 flat rate shipping

When you purchase 2 or more items.


Expires 12/3


Here's to Happy Holiday Shopping!



Use promo code: CHOLIDAY

and get extra 20% off your entire order,

and if you spend more than $30, you get a Free Wrap.




Two days only!

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This is what I ordered earlier..

2154-15362-1229 0 BACKPACK BLACK $3.99 $3.99 Instock

2135-57123-1129 8 M BOOTS BROWN LEAT $19.99 $9.99 Instock

(These boots were reg. priced $39.99, clearanced for $19.99 and the

coupon code made them $9.99 with a 2nd item) :)


Merchandise Subtotal: $23.98

Alteration/Gift Box Fees: $0.00

Promotion Savings: ($10.00)

Estimated Shipping: $4.99

Shipping Surcharge: $0.00

Tax: $0.00

Your Subtotal: $18.97

Gift Certificate Amount: ($0.00)

Order Total: $18.97

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How do you see a picture of the clothes in the clearance section. Is it me or do they just show you the color?

I think they just show the 1 color'd shirt and then your have to imagine

what the other colors look like.


Can you stack the codes?

I've never tried to stack before.

It only gives you one line.

I guess you can either try and type them out with commas in between,

or when you get to the next screen after typing the first one, see

if they offer the box again?

sorry, i'm not much help.

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