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$200 emachine costs $300????


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I'm looking over my receipt from BF and I see:

8587889 T3638 109.98


REG 349.99 WITH 240.01- DOLLARS OFF



then further down:

8247426 E17T4W 189.99




I know they usually spit the PC and the monitor, and usually it ads up to the correct amount, but this time it looks like they charged me an extra $100


Anyone else run into this?

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they charged you 109.98 for the computer, and 189.99 for the monitor. total is 299.97.


add up the rest of your receipt to make sure its right, but it looks ok from just those two items.

Not sure why you say it looks OK, because the ad said it was 199.97 after instant savings

299.97 is NOT 199.97


I'm gonna go back to the store to see if they can fix it.

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