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How Did Your Price Adjustment Go?


How did it go while getting your adjustment?  

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  1. 1. How did it go while getting your adjustment?

    • Good, everything went fine!
    • Bad, there were a few things going wrong.

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If I had done this, and then they would not price adjust, I would probably return it. I don't think that Target would want that either.

That was exactly my intention, too...it's one thing if it's not the corporate policy to do that...I understand, whatever, I took my chances, and they won't PA...however, knowing that it IS their corporate policy, had they continued to say they wouldn't give my a PA, I'd have gone home and gotten everything together and returned it...my sister was picking up some of the things for me, in case they wouldn't do the PA for me when I got there, and I told her that I would've just gone from the checkout to GS with my OLD receipt in hand, and returned everything at the higher price, and gotten the stuff at the sale price anyway!:tongue1:

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I am upset that I couldn't get the PM now.

My mother works at the Super Target here. I called her & asked her to get the PSP bundle they had for BF and I would take the receipt on BF & get a PM. She told me the employees were told that nothing could be held prior to BF and absolutely no PM on BF items.


She got there at 7am BF and guess what? Yep all the PSP's were sold out already. :(


No rainchecks either.

For future, remember to always say PRICE ADJUST not PRICE MATCH.


I'm not saying this was your problem, but most guest relations people are trained to say, "We do not price MATCH any BF items" which means they will not match ANOTHER store's BF deal (which IS true... this is their corporate policy, there are NO price matches, but there ARE price adjustments). Price ADJUST means they adjust their own price as long as it was bought less than a week before the sale. And you have two weeks after the sale price to get your adjustment.

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