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Hard drive for my son's computer


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Not even sure what to look for in the BF ads, but my son's computer needs a new hard drive. It totally crashed and my husband said he can't fix it. He needs a new one. Is there a hard drive on BF from somewhere that is a good price? My son is going to buy it as he went on some gaming sites that got a major virus (causing the crash). He has $100 saved up so far. Any help would be appreciated. It was an old one anyway so we new sooner or later it would have to be replaced. Thanks
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Need a bit more information. What size would you like to put in - storage wise?


What is the make of the computer? If it is a really old system then you might have less choices than the very latest.


Post as much info as you can.



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newegg definitely for anything computer related. You'll have no problem finding a drive for him. Stick with Western Digital drives though and get a 7200rpm 16mb cache version, or go all out and make him really happy and get him a western digital raptor(10,000 rpm) if he games on the pc or you guys do alot of HD intensive stuff then its a must.


Plus your pc will be up in half the time usually :)

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