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BOGO games and hasbro rebate visa


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Thanksgiving, Kmart is offering buy one get one free on select boardgames. Additionally, Hasbro is offering rebates in the form of a visa debit card for several of the games. (I was able to pick up a slip right at my local K-mart, they had a ton the toy section. Momory and Cootie are both 7.99, so that will be $4 each (2 for 8). Then, hasbro is giving $2 rebate for each of these games, bringing the price down to $2 per game. There are 13 games to pick from for the rebate, with a total rebate of up to 31 dollars (although only some of the games fall under the BOGO, all other board games are 20% off). Even if you don't have children, this would be a great opportunity to purchase some toys to donate to toys for tots. The games listed on the rebate form include:


Ants In the Pants

Cootie *

Don't Break the Ice

Don't Spill the Beans

Chutes & Ladders *

Hi Ho Cherrio *

Original Memory *

Candy Land *


Lucky Ducks


Hungry Hippos *



* included in BOGO - Ants in the Pants, Don't Break the Ice, and Don't spill the beans MAY be included in BOGO - as they are Cootie games

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