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TIVO HD Available with Product Lifetime Service (again)!


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"TiVo Product Lifetime Subscriptions to the TiVo service cover the life of the TiVo Digital Video Recorder (DVR) you buy--not the life of the subscriber."


And at the rate that technology changes, that could easily be a pretty short life when you consider the price tag. It's not HD, but it's free. I'll stick with my rabbit ears and VCR, thank you!

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I bought the lifetime subscription of Tivo when I bought my Tivo/Directv rec. I have called them since and found out that my house, not the box is lifetime. I was informed that I can add as meny Directv/Tivo boxes as I want in my house without any additional payments for Tivo, just the $5 per receiver if it has Tivo or not like everyone else does.

Just some info to look into for others.

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Just be sure your cable company isn't fully moving to SDV (switched digital video) anytime soon.


I've had the Tivo Series 3 (HD) model for over a year now, and my cable company (Time Warner) has started adding new HD channels but is only making them available to those with cable boxes/DVRs.


Different areas have different situations. Some cable companies are moving faster than others to SDV. You don't want to pay $700 for a lifetime sub only to find out in 6 months that you can't get many of your favorite channels using the Tivo.

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