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Staples.com Black Friday Ad Items Available Now! [SALE OVER!]


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anyone know how to post an e-mailed link?


items include:-


InVion 4.3" GPS $179.99

Sony S700 Digital Camera $99.98

Refurb Brother All-In-One 5440CN Inkjet $29.98


WARNING about the refurb brother 5440cn....I bought one last year on CyberMonday for $48 and it worked great...for 5 months. I've never been able to get it to print proper since or copy. It still sits on my desk as we play around with it every so often to try to get it o work but alas.....I hooked up my old Epson printer and use that instead.

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Hmm... it could be the other way around. I got my order through also, but...

Do you guys also notice that when you track your order, there are messages "We're sorry. Delivery of your order may be delayed." and "We're sorry, but problems with your order may prevent us from delivering it on time." ?


Also, the order status is classified as "Researching."

Yea both of my laptop orders STILL state researching.

Does anyone else have any other 'status'?

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