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BB HP Laptop for $449.99...


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I bought this online also at 8:41 AM on 11/22. Glad I got it. Aesthetically HPs are soo much nicer than all other brands with the exception of Sonys. I would say this is the most aesthetically pleasing upgradable machine out there.


Orderd a 2 GIG single memory chip upgrade from newegg for $34.95 after rebate with free shipping so 2.5 gigs of memory hear I come.


Makes this a pretty sweet deal. I am soo glad I did not jump at the Dell vostro 1000. Almost had that junky machine cause of the price.. but I have to tell myself that I am not my father.

I will not buy something just because it is cheap, it must be great quality and cheap to be a deal. Thats the difference between being cheap and being frugal.


It just scanned for shipping tonight!

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