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Costco has the Round and Round Pet Town for $32 and it comes with 4 extra complete pet nooks. These are little "rooms" that attach to the big pet town. Normally the pet nooks are $3-4.44 a piece (only $3 on a really good sale, Target had that sale in Sept). It comes with a couple of pets in pet town, and then the seahorse, turtle, golden retriever, and monkey pet nooks. I bought this for my 2 kids to SHARE. (hahaha)


This week Target has the pet town for $19.99 on sale THIS WEEK. You can always add pet nooks later. This almost makes it as good a deal as Costco if you can get a $3 sale on nooks.


Walmart has the pet town for $25 and it comes with a 3 story pet nook you can attach to the structure and one Walmart exclusive pet. they had this one online too.


The Sams Club deal is great because you get 9 pets instead of only the 2 it comes wiht normally.


After Thanksgiving weekend Target will have their $9.99 sets (which usually include 3 pets, or 2 pets if you opt to get the set with lights) for $7. This sale is available Friday AND Saturday, so you don't have to be there first thing to get it. (or, even better, go Monday before Thanksgiving, then take your receipt to customer service at your leisure Fri afternoon or Saturday and get a price adjustment).


One of the best ways to start a collection is to buy a 10 pack of pets. They retail at $20 (you'll find most of the time it's about $2/pet for any pet shop) but will go on sale at KMart and Sears for $16 or less.


Target has a big pack of pets out for the holidays. If you see the Pets Around the World set, I'd grab that one up. Very, very very hard to find and they only make those Target packages around Christmas. That has 10 pets in it too, I think.


you can always check ebay of course.


The Round and Round Pet Town is the big new thing this year. Some stores still have their Biggest Littlest Pet Shop special packages where you got extra pets in addition to the center at last year's prices. Somewhere (Target? Walmart?) has the tricks and talents show packaged with extra pets, too.

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Dollar General has single pets for 2.00 each. That is where we got a lot of ours. If you buy the 2 pack of pets at Wal-Mart they are 4.44 here, so it is a little cheaper to buy them individually if you have a Dollar General near you. They would also be nice stocking stuffers!
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