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Guitar Hero 3 for wii..best price?

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hi all!


I'm looking to get my son the GH3 for wii, but am wondering if anyone here has come across any great deals?


I know walmart has it for 89. Can I do better?


BTW, where would i get a second guitar (wireless) for the wii at a deal?


Yeah, I know, I want it all and at a great price!


thanks so much!

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I got my bundle at Toys'r'us and used the spend $75 get a $10 giftcard coupon that was on the Big Toy book. The second guitars won't be out until early next year...and it looks like the price is gonna be the same as the PS3 ones even though they don't have a remote in them!! Not fair.
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Best Buy has them for $89.99 as well. The add'l guitar is on pre-order at Toys R Us.com and is not expected to ship till 1/28.


I bought the game yesterday and it is a lot of FUN! I found myself playing it for 30 minutes alone earlier, its a blast. I would defiantely recommend this game. :)

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My son got his at:




It was $89 total, plus it came with a nice gig bag, guitar strap and some other goodies, I think a key chain.. The shipping was quite fast, we were pleased, and my son has not put it down since.


The gig bag is nice, when he takes it to a friend's house... and same with the strap.. he can just hang the guitar on... So with the extras, I thought it was a great deal.

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