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want PS2 slim with extended warranty avail

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Looking for a PS2 slim in stock for online orders, with an available extended warranty for when it breaks.


Preferably one where they don't make me buy a $50 game to get the console (like Buy.com does).


I might take a deal on a pre-owned PS2 (big or slim), but then I'd definitely need the extended warranty


This could be a tough one -- Sony's really dropped the ball on manufacturing enough PSTwos after Xmas.

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Looks like I've successfully stumped the ferengi, and will have to settle for the Visa Platinum warranrty extension.


That might actually be fine, since the Sony website says the normal warranty is 1 year, not the 90 days labor of most other Sony products these days.


Also, it looks like EBGames and Newegg both sell the bare console without forcing you to make a "bundle" like Buy.com does.


Newegg got in a few units today but is already out of stock again -- anyone wanting to buy from them should use the email notifcation and order immediately when they notify you.

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So far I've gotten my Canon A80 digicam, Onkyo TXSR-602 receiver, and Creative Nomad Zen Xtra through GottaDeal deals, and my employer was supposed to be ordering 1-2 of the Dell 2001FPs for trade shows. So I can't complain too much :)


EBGames has a buy-2-get-1-free deal on used games, so I was able to get DBZ Budokai free (supposedly about what it's worth) to go with Final Fantasy X and Evil Dead: Fistfull of Boomstick. Now all I need is more free time to play all those and the Katamari Damacy disc I already have. Too bad I can't take a couple of months off from work to catch up on my gaming :)

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