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Walgreen's Rebates


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I searched and didn't see another thread specifically about this, so if it's out there I'm sorry.


I am still waiting on my rebates from September. I'm expecting $47 and I elected to do the gift card so it would have an additional 10%.


I checked their website and it says it has no record of my rebates. I did photocopy and scan all the rebates and receipts to my computer.


How long should I wait before calling Walgreen's? Is this a common occurrence?


I had $3 in rebates for October to submit, but didn't because I still hadn't received september's... Not to worried about $3, but I'm expecting to have a decent amount this month and I don't want to miss out.

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I have had 2 past rebates go missing. Both times I called they had me fax everything to them and they credited my giftcard. You should be able to all the number on the website and they should have you fax everything over. You still have to get the November rebates postmarked on time or they will not honor them.
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