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PS3 deals?


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I got my 60gb from Sonystyle.com a month or so ago. They were offering $150 credit on your first purchase of $299 or more when you sign up for the Sony credit card. The credit was on my first statement and it was also 6 months interest free. I already cancelled the card and got my ps3 for $350 for a 60g when they were $500. They may have similar offers available now or in the future.


I know CC has the 60g with a dvd remote contol and a choice of 1 game or the 80g with Motorstorm for $499. Not really great deals.

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Correct, PS2 games will not work on the 40g. Only PS3 Blu-ray media and possibly reg dvd's although I'm not sure on that. I'd also pay the extra $$$ for the backward compatible system as Cannon1 said. I think the PS2 is still the best selling system of all time and will be supported by Sony and game developers for years to come. There are many great PS2 games available for cheap and the Ps3 is still struggling to get games out.


I do think once the PS3 has a large compliment of games, you won't be able to beat the sound/video quality of the PS3. The problem is once I started playing Ps3 games, the video quality of the Ps2 games just doesn't cut it for me anymore, especially on my 58" Panny Plasma, :)

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Here's some quotes I grabbed from another GD post: NOTE: I just cut & paste so they cannot reflect my opinion! I'm still trying to learn more about it before plunking alot of cash down.


IF you get the PS3 - Do yourself a favor and get the 60GB. DO NOT GET THE 80GB version. You will only be kicking yourself later on down the road due to the fact its not backwards compatibale for PS2 games straight out of the box. The 60GB version is. Thats what I have the 60GB. Sure you may get 20GB more harddrive space, but thats why you get the external harddrive Sony has put out for the PS3 if you need more space. Believe it or not 60GB is A LOT of space to play with for a game system.


It's not that the 80GB can't play ps2 games, they just aren't guaranteeing that it will play all ps2 games. This is what it says:

"This product has limited backward compatibility with PlayStation® and PlayStation®2 format software. Many PlayStation®2 format software titles operate, but full compatibility is not guaranteed. Updating the system software may improve compatibility. Visit the playstation website for system software updates."

I don't think the 60GB is any different, they just didn't have the wording there yet. After complaints of some ps2 games not working, they added the disclaimer.



I never said it (the 80gb) didnt play PS2 games. I said it didnt play PS2 games straight out of the box, like the 60GB can. We have A LOT of PS2 games, and they all work just fine. Yes 1 or 2 PS2 games may not work (dunno what games they are), but 99% of the games do. I dont know how much you know about the 80gb, but from what I've heard ON E3, read in many video game magazies and read online, the PS3 80GB is ONLY backwards compatible for PS2 games IF you download the software.

This is taken from another website:

What SONY is doing with the 80GB PS3, is that the new version will not include the Emotion Engine to play PS1 and PS2 games, instead, it will use an emulator to do so instead. In other words, software emulation is used in place of hardware support and as a result, backward compatibility for PlayStation and PlayStation 2 games is reduced, but you still will be able to play PS1 and PS2 games, just not as many as with the 60GB version.

With that said, anyone who wants a PS3, get the 60GB instead of the 80GB. You not only would be saving yourself some $$$ but also will have less headches in the long run.



The 60gb and 80gb both cost $499, and the 80gb comes with a game. Some retailers are bundling an extra with the 60gb to get them off the shelves, but whatever is left on shelves is all there is so it's a YMMV

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