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Looking for Palm/PDA deal


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Hi All --

Hubby really wants/needs a PDA for his new job. Would like something with wifi and other "bells & whistles". Doesn't seem to want a Dell Axium, but a Palm.


Any ideas? He wants one now, not for Black Friday or Xmas. :)


Thanks in advance!

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I dont have any deals for ya, but I wanted to give my long term review. I have a Palm T/X now for almost a year. It does everything I want it to: wifi, bluetooth, music, video, pictures, documents, calculations, and dates/scheduling real easy. I have not had a problem at all with it.

I got it for $179 on ebay new. Good luck to ya.

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Just wanted to thank you for the input. Found a nearly new Palm TX on ebay, with the GPS software and a hard case for $160 or so. Hubby has already used it on the wifi network here at home and seems to like it.


Where could I find the best deal on an appropriate GPS antenna for use with this PDA?



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