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Looking for Computer for son

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hannahs_momma -- I'm going to throw this out there:


Geeks.com has a refurbished single-core 1.5Ghz Toshiba Tecra laptop w/Windows XP Home for $379.99.


Be certain to read the descriptions here:



And make sure you are OK with the "Grade B" refurbished description here:



If you aren't happy with the "Grade B" laptop you receive, I'm sure you could return it and just be "out" the shipping.


I will say that while it's not "new", it is a Tecra, which is Toshiba's business class of laptops.


Be aware that this is a single-core laptop and it has a standard-format (not a widescreen) monitor. Also, if you do buy it, you may want to upgrade the RAM to 1GB.

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I say personally wait until sunday and look at some of the same places we refered you to this week that were already sold out. The deals lately have been rather decent on some machines. I personally shy away from refurbished, but if you do not, the one from marc is doable (w/ an upgrade to the ram)
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Walmart will probally have one for around $200 on BF. Like last year get there early. I bought a laptop on Walmart.com for just less than $500. It works wondeerful. They have serveral desktops for about $400. We bought one in March never had a problem. It has vista on it. If you still don't find one, try a used one on Craig list. Hey it may not be "new" but it is new to you.
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Here's a thought...try the Dell business section. They will have really good laptops on sale and I hear the Customer Service for the business side of Dell is SO much better.



Also try Microcenter. If you don't have a store near you, look at their online deals.


Good Luck!

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