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Pink iPod Shuffle w/ $15 iTunes Card - $79.99 at Target!


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Listed in this Sunday's paper is a Special Purchase only available in Target stores for the Limited Edition Pink 1 GB iPod Shuffle packaged with a $15 iTunes gift card--together for only $79.99.


This has been re-issued in the pink for Breast Cancer Awareness and is packaged together. This is only available while supplies last. This will be one of the better deals this season.


(But you'll never know what BF will bring.) :yup:


Looking for the Best--M

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anyone know what the regular price is?

I think its a special target deal... I saw them today. Its very very tiny.. about a one inch square.. I would be afraid it would get lost;if you are planning on giving it to a younger child. It would drop in your pocket very easily. Its bright pink and cute but I was surprised at the size.
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I think the MSRP of the 1 gig shuffle is $79.99. I know that you can buy a refurb one from apple.com for $49.99 w/o ITunes card. I agree - it's very, very tiny. May not be the best option for a kid, but it's great to use while running/working out.
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