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Need Deals on DVD player, Mp3 Player, Digital Camera


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Hi everyone,


I'm in the Chinese Student Organization at Stevens Tech in HOboken NJ. Chinese New Year is coming up and we have to host an event for the students on campus. I'm in charge of getting prizes :yelclap: and my budget is $300.00. I also want to set aside $50 for little prizes that we give out during the event. We have a raffle and I wanted to have 3 main prizes which is the Digital Camera, Mp3 Player, DVD player. Does anyone have any suggestions to which models I should get. The Norcent DVD player looks like a winner since it can playback DivX. For the MP3 Player, I'm looking for around 512mb in storage space/usb input. Any other suggestions for prizes is also welcomed. THe age group will be from 18-22. Thanks everyone :2roller:



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To stay within your budget, I would recommend you go with the Sandisk 256MB mp3 player and a Canon A400 digital camera. Go with the A300, if you need even more space under your budget. It has not optical zoom, so it's less desireable.
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