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Traveling to Italy


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Don't know if anyone can help but I'm going to Italy next week and am trying to find any coupons for while I"m there. Honestly, I'm not picky....dining, shopping, attractions...anything. I have written to the tourism boards but have not received anything except maps.


If anyone could help I would be very grateful! :yup::clapping:

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i haven't been to italy yet but:


1. buy the rick steves book for italy. i LOVE his books and they were a HUUUUUGE help when i was in paris and london. he also tells you how to get around cheaply, when to go to certain places with reduced admissions, what days attractions are closed, etc.

2. check out the lobby of your hotel for discounts. even in the hostel i was in in london, they had coupons. and every tourist attraction you go to usually has some sort of coupons, or at the very least, someone trying to walk around and sell cheap souvenirs.


i am very jealous of your trip. if i ever get the chance, i want to spend 2 weeks in italy. but i want to learn some italian first - it helps SO much when you're travelling in a country without a tour guide!

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