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$500.00 to spend on new TV

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:confused: We are in desperate need of a new television and have $500.00 to spend, any suggestions? I am really confused about all that is out there now and could use any help. We have 3 kids, who watch very limited television, and do not play any video games. Thanks in advance:)

I like Vizio LCD. It's got great reviews. You can get a 26" for under $500. I am getting a 32" for $597 next week for my bday (Thanx Dad). I know nothing about HDTV/Analog change. I doubt tv will change that swiftly, it would alianate most of America.

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I know nothing about HDTV/Analog change. I doubt tv will change that swiftly, it would alianate most of America.




And working Analog TVs need not be turned into fish tanks in the near future. You just need to buy a Digital-to-Analog Converter Box (similar to a cable box).


According to the article above, the date will be February 17, 2009.


Also, there really isn't too much to worry about UNLESS you get your TV signal "over-the-air (rooftop antenna, rabbit ears, etc.). If you have satellite or cable, then you should be fine for the foreseeable future. From that article:

6. I now subscribe to cable or satellite—Do I need to be concerned about the end to free, over-the-air analog broadcasts?


You will probably not notice much change for those TVs hooked up to your cable or satellite service, but you might be missing out on some opportunities. Cable operators pick up most local broadcasts at a central location and send them to homes over cable; satellite services increasingly are able to do this as well. It is likely that they will continue to provide whatever free local broadcast programming they currently provide to you, even after there is this change in broadcasters' means of transmission.




* If you have TVs in your house that are not hooked up to your cable or satellite service, and rely on an antenna to receive conventional broadcasts, you will need to make alternative arrangements to keep watching these TVs.

* In the future, cable operators might also move to "all digital" means of delivery, which could mean you would need to lease a "set-top box" or own a TV with a digital cable tuner (such as one with a "CableCARD" slot) to continue to receive the channels you now view on a conventional TV.

* If a local broadcaster launches several new digital channels, a cable, satellite, or other programming service operator might not agree, or be required, to carry all of their local channels, or to carry them in HDTV. You might, therefore, need a DTV or HDTV tuner and an antenna in order to receive those channels.


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Update: After researching several different TV's we were all set to purchase a 32 in HDTV widescreen at Sears (lowest price). However and thankfully when my husband went to buy it, he talked with someone else who was knowledeable with HDTV. We only have standard cable (14 stations) and we would need to upgrade to HDTV with our cable package or the picture would be awful and would not take up the whole screen. That would mean we would be spending about $80.00 more a month on our cable bill! So, we decided on a 27 inch Samsung Slim Fit which we got for about $400.00 at Sears. We really like it so far, very easy to set up and not as bulky as the regular TV's, so we didn't have to purchase a new stand.
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