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Barcelona Five-Light Chandelier~Amazon~$26.00 orgin $99.99


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I got this and the matching ceiling fixture for my kitchen. The originaly priced $99.99 for the chandelier and $34.99 for the fixture. I paid a total of $34.00 for both and paid for them with amazon.com Gift Cards that I made from survey forum here. Total out of my pocket nothing....:yay:






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ok i got a weird question. what about that chandelier in a bathroom??? my dh and i are going to sell within a few years and to make up for some shortcomings of our bathroom(only 1 sink, linoleum floor)i want to put up a chandelier in the bathroom. right now we have the standard one above the mirror and there is one above the toilet. dh thinks this is to highlight when you go to the bathroom, lol.


my idea is to relocate the light from above the toilet to the middle of the ceiling and hang a chandelier and upgrade the entire bathroom since dh wont replace the sink to a double.

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I don't know about that one but I already have it pictured in my kitchen but I saw this one when I was looking and it looks bathroomish to me any way




Link to all the clerance lighting http://www.amazon.com/s/ref=sr_nr_p_9_3/105-3842155-9768405?ie=UTF8&rs=322524011&rh=n%3A228013%2Cn%3A495224%2Cn%3A322524011%2Cp%5F6%3AATVPDKIKX0DER%2Cp%5F9%3A70%25%20off%20or%20more

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