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What Ad Do You Think Will Leak First???


What Ad Will Leak First in 2007?  

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  1. 1. What Ad Will Leak First in 2007?

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Since I already have all the ads, I vote for whichever I decide to post first :)

ummm...what are your waiting for, post them ******, starting with Best Buy. Hell, at least give us some spoilers! ... starting with Best Buy.


Last year I think Best Buy was the last one to post - It was the last one I was waiting for.


I am of the opinion that stors should leek out part of their ads just to get customers pumped up and excited about shopping at thier store. ON the other hand, after seeing Wal-marts ad last year I had no interest in waisting any of my pressious early bird hours in Wal-Mart. Each year Wal-Mart moves further down to the bottom of my list of places to go on BF.


Also love CompUSA - Last year Comp was a big dissappointment. Hopefully they will make up for it this year by having 512 desktop memory for 9.99

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Based on what I've seen in the past, I think there is a good chance that the first "big" ads will be the Sears and Kmart ads. Those seem to always come out early (especially Sears). Radio Shack also seems to come out early.


As for the really big stores, usually Wal-Mart is first, followed by Target. Best Buy / Circuit City / Staples seem to be some of the last to come out each year.

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