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Great deal on Juicy Juice at Krogers

love a deal

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Krogers has Juicy Juice(64 FL OZ. Bottles) on sale for $2.25/ea. When you buy 3 you get a coupon for $2.50 off of your next shopping trip. So, 3 @ $2.25/ea is $6.75. Minus the $2.50 makes it $4.25 for 3, or $1.42 each. This is the cheapest I have ever gotten Juicy Juice for. I don't know if there are MFG. coupons out there but if there were that would just make it even better! I don't know how long this promo has been going on for and I don't know when it ends.
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Kroger in SC accepts internet coupons as long as they scan.


Your lucky then. I've tried several times and every time I'm told the same thing - Kroger does NOT take internet coupons - which I think stinks because they are a coupon like the others, doesn't really matter where you get them.

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