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What have you learned from this site?

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I thought this would be a good way to learn something we may not have known...IT is kinda hard to go through umteenmillion pages of discussions.


I will go first.

1. Wine Tags! I never noticed them before, but boy they are great now that I know. My husband found some today while he was at the grocery store local to his work. He snatched up ONLY what we could use, not all of them.

2. Extra Buck offers at CVS and the Store Rebates at Rite Aid and Walgreens.

3. I can use Target coupons with Manufacturer coupons, I guess it never dawned on me, I knew I could use other Store coupons and manufacturer coupons...DUH

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I bought the mouse pad from the spammer, and they were beautiful. So I lucked out.....This time. But always ask. If it sounds TOO good to be true, some sites are bogus! don't be afraid to PM they head guys and ask for help.


That said.. it is too much to try to GO BACK and read all previous posts, just go from here. Check at least twice a day or you'll miss something (I check 6 or more) if it's a REAL good deal they go quick. welcome to the group. Enjoy your new found savings.....Don't miss the woot off. They even do wine. www.woot.com daily specials except for woot offs, then it is tons of stuff that day it comes up one at a time and when it is sold out, another deal comes up!

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Coupons that are put onto wine bottles that can be removed (they are just slipped over the neck)...YOU DO NOT NEED TO PURCHASE THE WINE TO USE THE COUPONS. I got another Beef one today...So that one is good for $1.00 off the purchase of Beef. I used my $1.00 off the purchase of a "Bagged Snack" Wise popcorn was on sale for $1.00 so it was FREE. It was perfect for munching in the car with the kids while I was going from store to store using up my coupons....
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