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Gateway at Best Buy

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I bought one thinking it was a pretty good deal. I just spent $400 at circuit city about 3 months ago on one with half the DDR and a smaller hard drive and at the time it was a steal as well, one of those 8 hour deals and limit one type thing. I think this price is awfully hard to beat now. Who's to say 3 months from now but today this is a great deal.
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Thanks RossMan and Ronbob44, I thought it was a pretty good deal. There were 2 left when my hubbie picked it up, plus we had $100 in gift cert. so it was only $400 out of our pockets, and I've heard good things about Gateway. It's mostly for our kids to use with my supervision, so they can be wherever I am.


Thanks again, it's always good to have conformation of a good deal!



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