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Nintendo GameCube Video Game System w/ Controller (Reconditioned) - $39.99 @ eCOST.com


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I think the game cube is about equal to the PS2, atleast to me. There do not seem to be as many games for the gamecube though at stores. There seems to be a ton of sports games and lot's of kids games. My DS12 has one in his room and plays it alot though. The Donkey Kong Bongo games are cool and the Mario party games are awesome! I think it is well worth the $40 and you can get games for it cheap on ebay.


I also wanted to add you can buy this adapter thing that allows you to plug gameboy advance games into the game cube to play!

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I am just curious after reading the above post, about being able to play the gamecube games on the Wii, is this true? I was debating on buying this system for my kiddos because they just recently broke their old one. This is a great deal IMO!!
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