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Tivo DVR $79.99 At Circuit City until Saturday


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Check with your cable provider too. I wanted Tivo but wasn't sure about the $10 mo/$299 lifetime (which is only the lifetime of the unit you register with) costs. I found out that with the Adelphia Powerlink service I had DVR service was free, I just had to bring my old box in and trade for a DVR box (it's $3.95 a mo but I was paying that for the old digital box anyway) So I didn't have to buy a box and can upgrade/trade this one in for free if there are any problems. (I'm sure I can buy my own box too, just haven't looked into it yet) I wasn't really sure if I wanted/needed this but with 3 kids I didn't realize how often I'd miss a good portion of shows to brush teeth, get drinks, separate fighters etc!!! This is a must have!!
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