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Rooms To Go $100 gift cards B1G1 Free


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In the paper today is a coupon (good today only), buy a $100 gift card and get a $100 gift card free. As we are going to be buying some furniture soon I stopped by RTO for more information. Here's the deal, when you buy a regular $100 gift card you get a blue $100 bonus gift card free. I asked if I could buy more than 1 and they said no, they are 1 per person and their computer tracks them by telephone number, but they said my wife and son could do the deal if they had different phone numbers (which luckily they do). So we will end up spending $300 and get $600 in gift cards. But only 3 of the $100 bonus cards can be used on any 1 single purchase, but you can use any amount of the regular gift cards.:)
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Ok so please help me get this straight because I'm eyeballing a bunk bed they have. Using diffrent phone numbers I can buy $100 gift card and get a $100 gift card free. I can use up to 3 of the free ones in one purchase so basically I could get the $700 bed I'm looking at for $400? That would ROCK


Nevermind just read this is over

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