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20 inch Oscillating Fan

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Hello Everyone,


My wife and I have just been blessed with a new little boy, He's eight weeks old and has become attached to the oscillating fan we used for our bedroom. The white noise and light breeze, keeps him happily asleep for a good 4 to 6 hours. This keeps me in the good graces of the Missus (as I look like a genius for suggesting it.) My dilemma is I now need a new fan for my master bedroom. So any help anyone can provide me in finding a nice deal on a 20 inch oscillating fan, would make me very happy.:D


Thanks very much in advance!


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I've bought all of our fans from Wal-Mart -- they do some killer blow-outs at the end of the season (August or so, when they get ready for Back to School).


I bought three with remote controls and timers for like $15.00 each. But, if you can't wait till then, their reg. prices are reasonable.


Make sure you are happy with the sound level of the fan you buy, if you aren't exchange it for another model. I had to do that -- the first fan I bought was way too noisy.

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