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Macy's Friends & Family May 2 - 6, 20% off


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Thanks for the coupon!


***This does not work in all Macy's. I tried to use it tonight and when the cashier scanned the coupon it came up with something like - not valid in this division or something...


The cashier was nice about it though and since she had an extra family&friends coupon she scanned that and then gave me the coupon to use through the weekend :)


I am now the proud owner of a cute spring Dooney & Bourke :D It was only about $90 after the coupon and I used my thanks for sharing rewards card (regular $145).

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Oh, sometimes the coupons are regional. I live in California and when I try to use my coupons in TX, they come up with that error. Just tell them the coupon's from Macy's West and they can override it.


Sorry about the confusion!

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Where in PA are you? My niece would love one of these, I didn't see any at the one I went to.

I wnent to the Monroeville Mall Store. Westmoreland Mall had not worth buying, according t my boss (I called her to tell her). I may go th Century 3 in the morning to see what they have.
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