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Mens Dress Shirts?

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DH is looking for deals on new button-down dress shirts. He wears them everyday at work, long sleeve is his preference. My preference is that they are wrinkle (and anything else!) resistent! LOL


Any good deals out there now? We can sometimes find a sale at JC Penneys, but haven't had a chance to travel to a store recently (closest one is an hour away, so we don't get the flyer). Thanks!

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I usually buy my husband's when the department stores (Dillards, Macys, etc.) has an extra percentage off their clearance items or at Marshalls, TJ Max, or Ross.


Here are a few online deals...




Blair: Apply coupon code "LZ6" to get free shipping











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great leads! thanks so much -- will check out options and report back if I find something good enough to share!


I know the last time we went shopping we found some TREMENDOUS deals for his dress pants at Kohls on the Mens Clearance racks. All name brands, pleated and cuffed, for $4-8 each...we got 5 or 6 pairs I think!

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