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PayPal $15 rebate

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DH got his today. Must of been from November-December??? We did not use the most recent opportunity.

Thanks for the info. I just did the recent one and was wondering why I didn't get mine. Hopefully it will still come!

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I just found out last night that my Paypal acct was credited with $15 just recently. I tried to look up the date of credit but was told by a Paypal rep that they are currently having some problems with their site. I'm pretty sure the $15 credit is from their e-mail offer, even though I signed up for the offer after the initial sign-up period. :)
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PayPal, Inc just sent you money with PayPal.


PayPal, Inc is a Verified buyer.


Payment Details

Amount: $15.00 USD

Transaction ID:

Custom Note: Thank you for participating in PayPal's Spring $15 Cash Rebate promotion. You received this $15 cash rebate after making a qualifying purchase of $30 or more. Be sure to check www.paypal.com regularly for upcoming promotions.



View the details of this transaction online




Thank you for using PayPal!

The PayPal Team

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