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$10 off $30 @ Bath & Body Works - printable


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They are currently having a sale 5 for $25 on their Signature Collection. I bought 6 items (lotions, body creams, and shower gels) for $30, and used the $10 off coupon. My price for each item was $3.33 before tax. I am going to use them for end-of-the-year teacher gifts!
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I did the same thing today on the signature items but I wanted to give a heads up ~


Each signature item has its own sign of restrictions for what qualifies for the 5 for 25. The Japanese Cherry Blossom does not say the perfume or the body cream do not qualify. So, technically the sales girl had no choice but to sell it to me. The perfume is 28 and the creams are 19.50. So to get them for 5.00 as I did was a huge deal. I also bought 6 of these to qualify for the 30.00 and got 10.00 off. So it was 6 for 20 bucks. Not too shabby.


Afterwards I noticed the goldie tote ~ too cute. Its a 50.00 item with some really great samples. Its 10.00 with purchase. I highly recommend it. The lip gloss in it is priced 7.50 alone and is nice.

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This is still a good coupon ~ used it today in the store with no problem


Their pump soaps are 4 for 10 bucks


Bought 12 of them which was 55.00 originally


Sale brought them down to 30.00


coupon brought them down to 22.00 with tax.


It felt great to walk out with a huge, heavy bag for only 20 bucks and actually really will use the product.


More than 60% is a great deal and I now have enough soap to supply the neighborhood.....:cheesy:

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