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$562 Computer possibly $120 after rebates


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I am not sure how good a deal this really is, but I found the following post on another board:


You will NOT find this deal on the website, you need to call your local office depot and ask if they have them in stock. I called my local store which did not have any BUT they did give me a list of other local stores that do have them. I just put mine on hold for pick up later today. YES!!!


Looks like only in Office Depot stores that are having a grand opening this sunday but you can buy it now and get the deal NOW.


*UPDATE* People are reporting shipments coming in on friday so if your store is OOS try then. If they still say its OOS they maybe holding them for the sunday sale.


Office Depot (in-store only) is selling a Systemax P4 desktop system for $569 (Sku 770-432). Rebates print out at register when purchased OR you can get a rebate form from an available tear-off pad.


Pentium 4 2.6ghz 400mhz fsb

256mb pc2700

40gb western digital 7200rpm drive

Sony 52x32x52x CD-RW drive

Amptron U8668-D motherboard (with overclocking features)

Windows XP home


300Watt Allieo PSU




$569.99-$250-$200 = $120 +tax.



If you're really daring, you can try a $30 off coupon from Staples or Office Max, since Office Depot will honor competitor coupons. That would bring it down to $90 for a P4 system!




The phone number to thr rebate center, just in case anyone is sceptical is 1-800-962-4664


Photocopies of the receipts, upc's and rebate forms are accepted.








I just got off the phone with Office Depot computer dept. and they said it's a fully functioning computer system. You get the CPU, the keyboard and a mouse. No monitor, no printer.



Ok Gottadealers....I hope that it works, is a good deal and someone can use it! LOL




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Not sure on the video card, but I did just see this on the other board I found the original post at:


"I confirmed the offers myself. I called the Office Depot toll free number and I also called the rebate center. BOTH rebates are valid and can both be used.


The $250 rebate is offer #OD1000257


The $200 rebate is offer # OD1000247


They have also posted a $50 one to use ON TOP OF THESE on their website now!!!!!!! You can print that one from officedepot.com it's listed under rebates - systemax"



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I just called 3 Office Depot stores close to me in Tampa and they all said "that was a special order item for grand openings about 6 weeks ago" and "they are all long gone". One store claims they will sell me their display unit if I want it. He thought it was still on the shelf. I may stop by and see what it is and if it's all there.


I've had so-so luck with Office Depot rebates... let's see how this all shakes out. At net $250, it's just an OK deal. If both rebates are real, it's a steal of a deal.


Stay tuned ... :2football

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Update ...


I stopped by Office Depot to see the system and chatted with the store manager. The system isn't too bad, but it's at least 3 generations old now. They couldn't find the books, disks, or keyboard for the "floor model" that was left. He also told me that the rebates were questionable and that he'd had a few people come back into the store very angry about them. It would appear that the $250 rebate is OK, but the $200 one is void/expired/bogus.


Anyway, I didn't buy the "floor model" that was left as the rebates require stuff that was missing.


If you can get the system for the bottom line price of $120, it looks like a very good deal. If the rebates turn into a hassle, or you don't get one of them --- even the seemingly new $50 one, the system becomes a very poor deal --- considering the age/technology of what's in the system. I was going to drive the 40 miles to the nearest store that has stock, but now I think I'll just pass on this one.


Your situation may be totally different ... but I'm very nervous about laying out $570 with the hopes of getting $450 (or $300 or $500) back in shakey rebates that already appear to be causing others a lot of grief.

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Even more revolting developments ...


I spread the word about the system to a friend in Chicago who was able to find it in stock at an OD in the suburbs. He sent his wife out to buy one right away and she got it.


Now, when he went to the OD website a few minutes ago to find the rebate forms, there has been a BIG change. The $200 rebate form has been replaced by a notice that the rebate is NOT valid for any purchases after 1/5. They have RETROACTIVELY cancelled the $200 rebate ! ! ! The $200 form was there earlier today and now it's gone. The OD web page still shows the $200 valid until 1/30, but the notice says otherwise.


Oh my, what tricks and traps will the rebate mechanics dream up to screw us next time ? :curse: Looks like OD is taking rebate chicanery lessons from Staples now, perhaps? :squint:

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According to the other site, these are mainly at stores that are having a grand opening on Sunday. Someone called one store and they had 20 or so, but they were not willing to put them out and sell them until Sunday.


OD did pull one of the rebates too. Now it says that it was only valid through Jan. 5. According to the rebate it was valid through the end of the month.


I wish at least someone could get one!



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